Which Online Products Sell Best?

As an online business owner, it’s important to find the next trending product and capitalize on it to generate maximum revenue. Therefore, it’s essential that you monitor the market continuously and find that high in demand niche product. Go through the analytic reports of different marketplaces to get an insight of the product demand and pricing. Once you analyze those reports and prioritize according to the best sellers, you can quite easily penetrate the market.

A few products that are currently showcasing upward Google trends are listed down below as choosing a product can be overwhelming for most online retailers.

Bow Ties

For aspiring entrepreneurs, fashion industry is an exciting venture that thrives on multitude of trending products. Bow Ties are becomingly exceedingly trendy in men’s fashion industry and their sales have tripled over past three years. Bow ties are associated with a charismatic look and therefore men are becoming more aware of their dress and overlook.

Wood Sunglasses

No one would have ever guessed that wooden sunglasses would become a trendy product generating sales for over 555 suppliers on AliBaba alone. Google Analytics reinforce this by showcasing that product is on a consistent growth pattern since it was introduced. However, wood sunglasses can be a seasonal product and therefore the figures need to be accounted accordingly.


Women leggings have always been part of the women clothing industry. However, a recent increase in interest has been observed in leggings which have been covered by review blogs such as Outblush and Uncrate. Google analytics foresee the trend of leggings consistently rising for years to come despite the seasonality of the product.

E-cigarettes and E-liquid

E-cigarettes are electronic vaping devices that are battery powered and stimulate smoking of cigarettes. With vaping community constantly rooting for e-cigarettes as an alternative to conventional smoking, there sales have risen exponentially. People are turning to E-cigs in order to quit smoking habits as vaping isn’t that addictive. Presently, there aren’t much restrictions on this product as the industry is still new.

However, with time and awareness, new laws will be imposed and entering the market will be quite difficult. E-liquids are refills for e-cigarettes and can be developed in various blends and taste. Therefore, this market is equally getting massive traction presently and there is good business opportunity for online retailers.

Lastly, we’ll encourage that you do your own due diligence about a particular product before choosing to sell it online.

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